WISE3, a modern law firm, is a result of the cooperation of four Slovak lawyers combining their long-term expertise and coming together with a wide range of legal services - in particular in the field of pharmaceutical industry, information technologies and financial services.

“Our priority is to use rich experience and profound knowledge. We want to provide our clients with the highest comfort and security possible in all fields of our expertise. We build connection on mutual understanding, strong values and modern technologies.

Branislav Brocko and Michal Delinčák (both BEATOW PARTNERS), Pavel Nechala (Nechala & Co.) and Michal Ridzoň (KRION Partners)


Our outcomes are professional, of high quality, and with expertise. We care about the high professional preparedness, quality outputs and professional communication of our employees.


We search and support new talents as well as the enthusiasm to look for new approaches and solutions. We are constantly exploring the wider context and linking the legal profession with innovative ideas in other sectors.


We strive for understanding, respect, and the human approach. We build a long-term relationship with a client at the partner level. We try to understand the client's values and we are interested in their opinion. We apply the personal approach towards our employees as well - we are interested in their needs, opinion and feedback. We recognize their potential; we support their development and career growth. We believe in a fair approach and highlighting good results at work.


Our DNA includes reliability, honesty, trustworthiness and teamwork. We interconnect integrity not only within our industry or workplace but also towards our clients. A client can rely on us 100% in every situation - security and privacy are our number one priority.
  • Peter Hudec

    It was a pleasure to work with Brano on the M&A project. I highly appreciated his integrity, forward thinking and sense of  detail and his fair approach. Highly recommended lawyer.

    Peter Hudec
    CFO of EMARK Analytics
  • Chambers Europe

    Michal Delinčák is ‘down-to-earth and practical and tries to close deals as efficiently as possible. He is ‘a very skilled lawyer with very good expertise and technical knowledge.

    Chambers Europe
  • Branislav Chmel

    When we needed to build expertise in the field of personal data protection and cyber security, Pavol Nechala's team was our first choice. We needed more than just theoretical knowledge and sample documents. Rapid technological development and more demanding regulation require innovativeness and actions.  When doing our business, we do not have time to dive deeply into new fields, we need a partner to cooperate with easily and who we can rely on.

    Branislav Chmel
    CEO of TÜV SÜD Slovakia
  • Andrej Salner

    Mgr. Michal Ridzoň and I have been dealing with business and personal legal matters for 10 years. He has represented me in court proceedings, prepared complicated contracts, provided recovery of claims and establishment of a company for shareholders from 13 countries. Both he and his team as well, addressed the cooperation with professionalism and always with integrity and humanity. He kept a cool head and achieved a positive result even in situations that seemed hopeless to me. Mgr. Ridzoň and his law firm can be wholeheartedly recommended as a reliable partner in the field of business and civil law.

    Andrej Salner
    partner of Basta digital s. r. o.



Cyber Security

Within the field of cyber security we offer building cyber resilience (planning, draft, and preparation), immediate access to forensic experts within investigation and response to the incidents and remedy after events.

Personal Data Protection

Personal data protection is a dynamically developing field regulated by the European legislation in details. We help to navigate through the legislation in order to meet all legal obligations to protect not only the personal data of natural persons but the finances and good reputation of clients as well.

Regulation of the Pharmaceutical Industry

We bring our long-term expertise even in this field.

Banking and Finance

We are a partner in situations requiring communication with banks or other financial or investment services providers such as insurance companies, investment or pension funds or securities dealers. We provide full legal support to both lenders and borrowers in relation to different forms of debt financing. We advise on implementation of securitization structures. In this area, we also help various financial and investments services providers in securing the regulatory compliance of their activities.

Mergers and Acquisitions

In WISE3, we focus on performing pre-acquisition and vendor legal due diligence reviews of target businesses, transaction structuring, drafting and negotiation transaction documentation and assisting in its implementation. We help in negotiating acquisition financing, drafting and negotiating shareholders agreements, structuring and implementing post-acquisition integrations, and preparing and organizing takeover bids.
teamwork (1)

Intellectual Property/IT

Intellectual property is an intangible property that needs to be protected We provide counselling in various fields - in trademark registration, licensing of trademarks and finally in the protection of trade and domain names or know-how.


We represent clients in obtaining merger control clearances and investigation of potential competition restraints practices.




WISE3 was established based on mutual ambition to work on more complex projects. As we joined forces, we are able to create synergies and expand the scope of legal services provided. We want to provide our clients with comprehensive service in all law fields - and with our strengthened team we are able to achieve that.


We help companies to safely develop their business and make their dreams come true. We provide every client with full partner support in all their decisions. We guarantee them openness, fairness, high comfort, and constant ethical values, which form the basis of our services.


We want to make the law understandable to everyone. We believe that even complicated legal solutions can be clarified in an understandable and human way to a client.


Taking instructions means the beginning of hard work and a commitment to be available to a client. Through technical measures, we regularly provide information on the status of the proceedings.


WISE3 is a team of 20 members consisting of experienced yet young lawyers willing to work on themselves. What it means for you is excellent substitutability and broader know-how. Our commitment and strength also stem from a reliable team. Our colleagues are an irreplaceable support.


Branislav Brocko

began at Marek & Partners, a law firm, where he was working for more than 10 years - as a legal trainee at the beginning, a partner later on. Later he participated in the establishment of BEATOW PARTNERS, a law firm, where he worked for the last 10 years. His practice is focused on mergers and acquisitions, bank financing, corporate and regulatory affairs, and insolvency. He is experienced in providing legal services in the sectors such as financial services, private equity, private debt, information technology, logistics, telecommunications, energy sector, healthcare and pharmaceutical industry.

Pavel Nechala

was working as a lawyer at Nechala & Co., a law firm, from 2005. He has more than 15 years of experience in the field of corporate and business matters. Primarily, he deals with personal data protection issues, information technology law and competition. He has provided legal advice to leading IT companies, postal undertakings, and certification institutions. He is an expert in transparency and fighting against unfair practices, he regularly publishes and lectures, and is involved in drafting legal amendments as well.

Michal Delinčák

began at Marek & Partners, a law firm, as well, where it took him 8 years to become a partner from a legal trainee. From 2010 he was a partner at BEATOW PARTNERS, a law firm. He has outstanding experience in advice on the regulation of the pharmaceutical industry. At the same time, he has extensive experience in corporate affairs, contracts, mergers and acquisitions and bank financing. He focuses on real estate, where he deals with construction, renting or sales.

Michal Ridzoň

started as a sole lawyer. In 2008 he founded and was a lawyer at KRION Partners, a law firm. He focused on comprehensive solutions for entrepreneurs throughout the entire law spectrum. He provides legal advice in such sectors as trade in mineral oils, steel industry, mechanical engineering, or food industry. He focuses on personal data protection and information security and dispute resolution.


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