24. November 2020

The idea of creating WISE3, a modern law firm, stems from the common ambition of 4 lawyers to work on more complex projects. They have joined their many years of expertise and come with a wide range of spectrum of legal services.

“Our priority is to use rich experience and profound knowledge. We want to provide our clients with the highest comfort and security possible in all fields of our expertise. We build connection on mutual understanding, strong values, and modern technologies.”

Funding partners of WISE3:

“WISE3 is a strong base for successful, sustainable and growing business of our clients.”

JUDr. Pavel Nechala

JUDr. Pavel Nechala

Expertise: Personal Data Protection, Information Technologies

He was working as a lawyer at Nechala & Co., a law firm, from 2005. He has more than 15 years of experience in the field of corporate and business matters and representation of clients in court proceedings.

He  primarily specialises in the personal data protection issue and  information technology law. In cooperation with foreign-based offices he implemented several projects including cross-border personal data processing and deployment of new technologies.

Pavel Nechala has extensive experience in implementing  personal data protection security projects for example in the water providing company, production enterprises or commercial companies.

He also focuses on transparency and the fight against corruption and unfair practices. Since 2001 he has been cooperating with the Slovak branch of Transparency International, where he maintained the Anti-Corruption Treasury in terms of professional aspect, where he dealt with incentives from citizens against unfair practices and malfunctions of public administration bodies. He participated several international teams in preparing measures in the field of fight against corruption.


  • Faculty of Law, Comenius University in Bratislava (2001)

Faculty of Law, Comenius University in Bratislava (2002)

  • English, German, Czech language

“A personal approach is what matters at WISE3. We approach clients with the motto – your problems are our problems, and your achievements are our enjoyment.”

JUDr. Branislav Brocko

JUDr. Branislav Brocko

Expertise: Mergers and Acquisitions, Bank Financing, Corporate and Regulatory Affairs and Insolvency.

Branislav Brocko enriches WISE3 with his legal practice. For the last 10 years he was working at BEATOW PARTNERS, a law firm, of which he participated in establishment in 2010.

Before that, for almost 12 years (mostly as a partner) he had been working for a local law firm where he cooperated with one of the leading law firms (Baker & McKenzie).

He was a lawyer at the Tax and Legal Department of the Delloite branch in Bratislava and a legal assistant in the Slovak branch of Czech & Slovak American Enterprise Fund.

Bratislav Brocko, a lawyer, has extensive experience with providing advice on the issues related to various forms of debt financing, including bank loans, issues of secured bonds and securitization.

He regularly provides advice on corporate reorganizations, including separating parts of enterprises, domestic and cross-border mergers, and liquidations of companies.

He has experience in providing legal advice in sectors such as telecommunication, energy, trading with military material, pharmaceutical industry, and health care provision.


  • Faculty of Law, Comenius University in Bratislava (1996)
  • Summer School of Law at the Law Faculty of University of Tulsa in the USA

Faculty of Law, Comenius University in Bratislava (2002)

  • fluent in English and Czech + basics of Russian

“Enthusiasts whose life is law have met. At WISE3, we want the law to be the way, not an obstacle for others. We value freedom, values, morals and legal state and we wish to fight for that all.”

Mgr. Michal Delinčák

Mgr. Michal Delinčák

Expertise: Mergers and Acquisitions, Business Law, Real Estate, Banking and Finance

Michal Delinčák began at Marek & Partners, a law firm, where it took him 8 years to become a partner from a law clerk.

For the last 10 years he was a lawyer and a partner at BEATOW PARTNERS, a law firm.

Michal Delinčák is currently leading the practice of Corporate/Commercial and M&A and Real Estate.

He has rich experience related to various corporate matters, contracts, acquisitions and sale of companies and assets, real estate, construction thereof, rental and sale and regulatory matters. He has assisted great number of local and foreign clients.


  • Faculty of Law, Comenius University in Bratislava (2002)

Faculty of Law, Comenius University in Bratislava (2002)

  • fluent in English and Czech, basics of German

“We are like good cuvée wine. We are composed of several parts. These parts form an overall taste, harmony, and quality all together. We build on mutual understanding and shared values at WISE3. This allows us to decide quicky and rightly without unnecessary diversions.”

Mgr. Michal Ridzoň

Mgr. Michal Ridzoň

Expertise: Personal Data Protection, IT Security

Michal Ridzoň started as a sole lawyer. From 2008 he worked as a founder and a partner at KRION Partners s. r. o., a law firm.

His practice is focused on comprehensive solutions for entrepreneurs throughout the entire law spectrum.

He has extensive experience with dispute resolution, from out-of-court settlements to representing clients in court and administrative proceedings.

He focuses on personal data protection and information security. He regularly provides advice for companies in the IT sector, including ethical hackers.

He provides legal advice on various regulatory issues in  sectors such as trade in mineral oils, steel industry, mechanical engineering, and food industry.


  • Faculty of Law, Comenius University in Bratislava (2002)


  • English, Czech and basics of German

In addition to the founding partners, WISE3, a law firm, consists of experienced, yet young lawyers willing to work on themselves.

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