24. November 2020

When we, as partners, started discussion on joining our forces within WISE3, a law firm, we set the key values we build on:

EXCELLENCE – The outcomes of our work are based on expertise, quality, and professionalism.

CREATIVE ENTHUSIAM –  We support talent as well as enthusiasm and the willingness to look for new approaches and solutions.

PERSONAL APPROACH – Clients and employees are always partners with  us.

INTEGRITY – Our DNA includes reliability, honesty, trustworthiness, and teamwork.

However, we do not want these values to be mere words on posters placed in elevators in corporations. When defining them, we decided to dive deep and incorporate  them into all areas.

Integrity at the WISE3’s workplace

Our DNA includes reliability, honesty, trustworthiness and teamwork. We interconnect integrity not only within our industry or workplace but also towards our clients. A client can rely on us 100% in every situation – security and privacy are our number one priority.

We are convinced that if we follow honesty and soundness when deciding, our decisions will be the right ones.

Working as a team matters to us.

That is why we have zero tolerance for discrimination among our employees. We want our employees to share their concerns. We have zero tolerance for retaliation for reporting something in  good faith. We create an  environment, where it is safe to point out an unfair practice because it helps us to maintain our reputation and the trust that others have in us.

Privacy protection of our employees is of the same importance to us. As a law firm that deals with personal data protection, we believe that our employees have to feel safe and should know that their data is used solely for legitimate corporate purposes.

Integrity in customer care

We provide privacy (and personal data protection) of our clients with due care and respect. Regardless of whether we obtain your data orally, printed or electronically, we use it only for the legitimate purposes and always with the provided information. This applies also to individuals and vendors with whom we cooperate. We require the standards of privacy protection and personal data security of our vendors at the same level as WISE3 provides.

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